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Staedtler Mars Lumograph Charcoal Pencils, Blister Pack of 3 Drawing Pencils (H, M, S) + 1 Blending Stump ST-100C SBK 4
  • Pack of 3 Charcoal pencils for drawing in hard, medium and soft covers the full range of tonal shade possibilities
  • The perfect starter pack: beginners, start out right with a professional level set of charcoal sketch pencils - Complete with blender for seamless shading!
  • Create velvety, deep shadows and High contrasts - staedtler's charcoal art pencils will have you creating lifelike landscapes and portraits that pop!
  • The right tools for your art: enjoy control, rich textures and a wide range of tones with our specially formulated charcoal pencil
  • Benefit from the best with Staedtler pencils. True Premium quality is our hallmark, and these artist pencils show you why
  • ST-100C SBK 4
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