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As part of making our customer’s journey better, StoreUs introduced a loyalty program from customer to customer. It's simple. You buy and you get a reward for each dirham you spend on our website.

How to join the loyalty program?

You don’t need to sign up for the loyalty separately. It is enough to create a Storeus account and log in with your username and password.

In order to start acquiring reward points, You just have to start shopping on Storeus. Each order adds to your points balance.

Rewards Multiplier

Users win rewards points while shopping at Storeus - one point for each dirham spent. The process is as follows:

The user adds products to his/her shopping cart.

The user places the order.

Once order payment is approved, rewards points are updated.

Reward Points Balance

Users can check their current balance as well as points transactions history by visiting their profile at Storeus (log in first) and finding the tab “Rewards Points”. The information is available in the web and mobile app’s profile sections.

Redeeming Rewards Points

Take back what’s yours! You can redeem your loyalty points stored in your account and pay your cart with it.

The user adds items to his/her shopping cart.

During the checkout process, the user types the number of points he wants to redeem with the current order.

The points translate to a discount in AED, which is automatically subtracted from the total amount.

The user places the order as usual but pays a price that is decreased with the rewards points discount amount.

Canceled Orders

If a user cancels an order and gets the amount refunded, the reward points which he/she won by placing this order are automatically subtracted from his/her balance. The redeemed points used for this order are not going to be returned. Points can be redeemed only once.

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