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La Parisienne Premium Luxury Travel Kit Gold Color Box 30Ml (Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Hand Sanitizer)

La Parisienne Premium Luxury Cosmetics Travel Kit is a small and handy cosmetics kit contains everything you need for a fresh start when traveling. It is lightweight, easy to carry and fits into your purse or suitcase. Take it with you on business trips or vacation to ensure that you always have all of your personal care products on hand so that you can be at your best at any time! Our premium luxury cosmetics travel kit contains 5 pieces including 30ml shampoo, conditioner shower gel, body lotion and hand sanitizer, which are all available in stylish travel size containers. These convenient Tubes are perfect for getting ready when traveling or staying overnight somewhere else, especially when packing light is essential! The ideal gift set is perfect for those who like their cosmetics neatly organized and would love a quick change from their usual routine while traveling away from home.

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