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Overview of Dar Al Ber

Dar Al Ber Society has a variety of projects aimed to assist communities, orphans, students, and the poor. They try to help communities in and outside the emirates in, (in South East Asia, – Arab countries, – Africa, – the Indian Subcontinent, – Asia and Europe).

We are proud to collaborate with Dar Al Ber Society

The cause we chose is about helping and supporting #who’s in need. We believe that we all have to participate in giving back to society. We have a great faith in future generations for what they will provide to society in terms of goodness. We aim to build a more united and generous society. We also want to help those who are unable to afford the essentials of life by providing them with food baskets & blankets.You can also be an efficient part in this campaign.

This is exactly what Dar Al Ber Society does. We made this cause our own, too. Our vision is to spread the spirit of giving back in the society and to raise a generous generation that will help each other and will do good to society.

How do we contribute?

Dar Al Ber Society makes the contribution very easy for all of us. For every purchase our customers make, we donate 2 AED to the cause of our choice - Food baskets & blankets. It is that easy.

How can you Help?

Actually, you don't need to do anything more than just enjoy shopping as usual.

Start shopping at regular prices on or mobile app. Place and complete your order You will not be charged any additional fee.

The donation is cut from our profit and the money is transferred to Dar Al Ber for the cause. The more orders you make, the greater is your donation.